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The Alford Law Firm is a full-service law firm that focuses on the area of commercial debt collection, commercial litigation, construction liens, and real estate litigation. Our attorneys aggressively represent our clients, maintaining a spirit of compassion while we walk our clients through the most trying periods in their lives.

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial Disputes & Litigation

Construction/Mechanic's Liens

Real Estate Disputes & Litigation

Commercial Debt Collection

Not everyone plays fair and not everyone wants a level playing field. When promises are made and broken, sometimes the gloves come off.

Commercial Litigation

We have decades of experience in handling commercial litigation matters for our clients. We are focused on results-not billing.

Construction Liens

Mechanic’s liens are very complex. Let us guide you through the process, whether you are needing to file a lien or file a lawsuit and collect what you are due.

Real Estate Litigation

Studies show about 1% of those sued on a consumer debt defend themselves. What do the other 99% do? Nothing – they lose by default.

Have you Been Sued?

If a process server shows up, don’t panic, just call us and let our firm’s experienced staff handle it

Business Disputes

Starting a business is hard, running one is harder. Let us help you with: contract disputes, business contracts, and real estate matters.

Toughest Aggressive Lawyers Focused On Results

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Maybe it won’t get that far, but those who care about these international law disputes think China and the U.S. are on a collision course because both sides hew closely to contradictory readings of international law. One would assume the conflict won’t go nuclear.

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