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Commercial Debt Collection

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You work hard for your money. If someone that owes you money decides not to pay, that affects your bottom line. If your efforts to collect haven’t worked (or ___ if you are getting the run around) and you need an aggressive law firm to step in for you, contact us. Most of the time, we will get the initial demand letter out within 48 hours (or even sooner) of getting the file in our office.


We have decades of experience in Texas debt collection matters and have developed finely honed strategies to get debtors to pay. Our firm knows how to stop the run around and pin the debtor down so you get your money. Best of all, we only get paid if you do. Over the years, we have developed techniques to establish leverage against the debtor so that they want to pay to avoid dealing with us.


Many firms try to get by with sending out a demand letter or perhaps filing a lawsuit and then doing nothing about until mediation or trial. We analyze the facts of the case and review all available options to create an aggressive litigation plan to get you your hard-earned money. We do more than just send a demand letter. We follow up with collection calls, file mechanic’s liens if available, file an Original Petition, send Requests for Admissions, Requests for Disclosure, Requests for Interrogatories, Requests for Production, take the deposition of the relevant parties, file Motions to Compel as needed, file a Motion for Summary Judgment and various other legal actions. In most cases, all of this is done before even going to mediation.


By employing these strategies, the case can be viewed almost like a chess match, where we outsmart the debtor and get to checkmate. Of course, we are willing to settle at any point during this process if the debtor pays what you are seeking.


Based on this system, we are often able to get the debtor to pay 100% of everything that is due. Most collection agencies and other law firms are happy to settle for 50% or even 30% or lower just to get their cut. Many times, by the time we are done, the debtor wants to pay just to get us off their back. We just recently obtained a 100% recovery plus additional hourly attorney fees and all court costs after boxing the defendant into this type of situation. They had to in order to avoid the consequences of what we had set up legally.

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