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Construction Liens

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If you are a contractor or subcontractor who has worked on a construction project and you have not been paid, Texas law gives you the right to file a mechanic’s lien (also known as a construction or contractor lien) against the property.  This causes great concern for the lender and the owner of the construction project.  It is a great tool.  The problem is that most of the time, contractors and even lawyers mess up when they try to prepare and file all the correct documents and provide the proper notices in the manner required by the law.  There are also filing requirements with each county.  If any of these are done incorrectly, the mechanic’s lien is invalid.  We guide clients through this difficult process.


If you have already filed a mechanic’ s lien but you are still not getting paid, we can file the foreclosure lawsuit for you.  This lawsuit has such a strong effect on the lender and the owner that most of the time we are able to resolve the debt.

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