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The initial discussions between your company and your business partner went great as did the first few months or even longer.  But now things have turned sour.  Disagreements over who is supposed to pay what item or who is responsible for what task are clouding the good relationship and taking the focus off of the real point-making money for everyone.  Our firm has extensive experience in examining business contracts and coming up with creative solutions to resolve business disputes.  We can explain what a Judge is likely to do with your particular facts and then we send out a demand letter and set up a settlement conference-or file litigation if necessary to reach a resolution.  We are aggressive but also focused on results, so your bill for attorney’s fees doesn’t rise unnecessarily.  We implement strategies to force the other side to a resolution.  If a lawsuit has been filed, we try to push for an early settlement or judgment if possible, but we will also go to trial if necessary.  These strategies can involve setting up a mediation or settlement conference or proceeding to a Summary Judgment hearing if the facts warrant. Whether it is a dispute over a lease, service agreement, with a landlord or tenant, a supplier or strategic business partner,  we know how important your case is to your company and we will treat it that way.

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